Sunday, July 25, 2010

More Cross Training

I made the late call on Friday to get in some CX bike work on Saturday morning. A couple of quick calls to Randy and Paul and we were all set to beat up on one another and work on some sprint work.

The plan was to burn in the new training grounds at Chili Greens but upon our arrival we found locked gates all the way around. Plan B, Seymour Smith and our last years training ground.

After a couple of easy laps showing Paul the course, I lifted the pace and started the acceleration work. Two out of the saddle hill sprints, one paved and one grass, and three seated sprints from low speed out of corners each lap. It was pretty hard work and it left me thinking there's quite a bit to do over the next 8 weeks leading into the Madison USGP.

So with that thought in mind, I think the plan from here on out is to meet at Wohlner's at 8am on Saturday mornings and cruise down to Seymour Smith to do some sprint interval work. I'd kind of forgot how good the circuit is at Seymour Smith, but it's got everything you need to work on the harder bits of cross. If we can get it and Chili Greens going we'll be in good shape. Seymour Smith for the short punchy stuff, and Chili Greens for longer LT efforts.

The photo above is from 2004, the last time I really felt strong riding cross. I was a pretty solid third locally behind Jay Thomas and Tony Wilhelm. I had some decent success in KC too. I hope to get back to that form and then some, so instead of following Chris Wallace after I get lapped, to actually chasing him on the lead lap. I think it's going to be a tall order.

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