Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Climbing out of the gutter

I hate being sick. It always start with a sore throat, then it's just a matter of time before the heavy stuff hits. I felt it coming on, slowly at first, then it all went down on Sunday. Woke up and felt like crap. Monday was worse, Tuesday was slightly better, Wednesday better yet. On the up side the weather hasn't exactly been agreeable so I haven't missed that much. But this head / chest cold has laid me out worse than most. Enough that I'm second guessing the state road champs this weekend unless I feel a massive turnaround within the next day or so.

Anyway, before all this crap went down, Anne and I made a two day trip to Lincoln for the Biiklops print show at Screen Ink followed by a Wilber cruise with Nate, Jesse and the Tillinghasts.

The kolachi's and cinnamon rolls hit the spot after 35 miles with no breakfast. We enjoyed the tailwind blast back to Crete and then we wound through the hills on sprague and kramer roads and then through the Denton alps, which aren't very alpey anymore. After crashing out for a couple hours it was off to Matt and Jill's for a little pre-Independence day party at their place before heading home. Plan's started getting thrown together for the upcoming CX season. I'm getting excited.

In case you live in cave, the Tour starting this past weekend. I was glad to see the pro peloton hasn't forgotten how to cry. Neutralized stage finish's followed by a cobblestone throwdown left more than few sitting on the sidelines. Couple things I'm stoked on after 4 days.

  • Alesandro "Ale-Jet" Pettachi is back - Thor has proclaimed him the best sprinter in the race at the moment. Allez, Allez!!!
  • The Manx Midget, Mark Cavendish, hasn't a prayer of winning green this year. Nor would he deserve it, the guy has been sprinting like an idiot all season. Maybe he was the one with the motor last year, not Fabian.
  • Andy Schleck should seriously think of a spring campaign. The guy rode like a stud on the cobbles.
Here's your top 5 at the Tour as voted by you...
  1. Alberto Contador
  2. Andy Schleck
  3. Lance Armstrong
  4. Ivan Basso
  5. Mick Rogers
You voted Francis Schleck 4th, but after he busted himself up yesterday we'll pull him out and plug Basso in. I will say, Cadel looked really good riding into Arenberg.

Check out Nate's new Ibis Silk SL

Lastly, it's time to seriously start thinking about 'cross. We'll be getting the weekly practice session going much earlier this year. I'm going to recon some new venue's, I'll keep you posted.

The USGP series will be the most accessible it's every been for us midwesterners. New Jersey has been replaced by Fort Collins as it joins Louisville and Madison. If you want to go big and stay big you can hit the final race in Portland followed by Nats in Bend the following weekend. Whaddya say?

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sydney said...

USGP Series...I wanna say I'm in, but haven't found anything to ride just yet.