Sunday, June 27, 2010

Still figuring it out

Power & Light criterium

It's there, it's just a little buried. The weekend at the Tour of KC went well above my expectations. Anne and I loaded up the TBS short bus and headed south for our rendezvous with the Lincoln contingent. After the pick-up and re-load we were on our way to KC for the Cliff Drive circuit race. I love it when people paint a grotesque picture of race course and then when you get out on it, it's not near as bad as you envisioned.  What I found myself more worried about was the level of riders I had to race against. The course suited my skill set well with lots of twists and turns, one gradual power climb one steeper climb that rewarded a small chainring spinner.

Thirty Eight of us toed the line for the 50 mile, 18 lap circuit race. The whistle blew and we were off. The short and simple report, Jay was riding really well early on, very active, while I just hung on for dear life. The positive was I was able to close the gaps and actually make up a place or two each ascent of the main climb. By mid-race, Jay and I were covering moves then he flatted, bummer, I was on my own. Then something weird started happening, I started feeling better and better. Only took an hour and twenty minutes but it was getting better. I had Anne on the climb dousing me with ice water each lap and  I don't think I've ever drank so much in a 2 hour race. After all the heat index was only 102. Anyway, soon I pulled through on Tom and when I looked back he'd let me roll off the front and I had a pretty good gap. By this point, a group of six plus another two were off the front and I set about chasing them down. Within a lap I'd got within 15 seconds but then the solo effort was taking it's toll. Within another lap I was back in the group, but a much smaller group. With 3 to go I tested the legs and the group with a little surge on the climb, things were good. But the last time up the hill the others just had a bit more and I rolled across the line in 14th.

Day two was the Power & Light criterium. Again, expectations were low as I was totally prepared to get spit out the back almost immediately. The field was way smaller than the previous day so I knew it was going to hurt. I'm definitely more of a road / circuit racer than a criterium racer, and that's about all I have to say about that. The race was fast, I missed the major split but was still in with a shot of some cash but when we came out of the final corner I wasn't making up any places, just going backwards. On the plus side, legs were good, and I learned a ton.

It was sweet racing with the Tradewind and Mercy guys, up until now I've only raced with them in 'cross, if you could even call it racing on my part. JT and Paul rode awesome all weekend and it was cool having teammates to work with all day. Kind of bummed I'll be missing Lawrence next weekend as well as the Papio crit the following. I will enjoy the fresh legs for the state road champs though. I might actually be getting a bit faster, it's taking a while, but I'm cool with that.

Paul, me and Jay

MT in the 3's

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That must have been a cooker! Way to give it all you had.