Friday, June 25, 2010

Off to ToKC

Looks like I'll be taken another leap of faith this weekend as we head to the Tour of Kansas City this weekend. It's been a looooong time since I last did a race of this high quality and to say I'm a bit nervous about the outcome would be an understatement.

The last time I did a big regional race was...drum roll please...1991. Ouch, that hurts. Nineteen years. Where does the time go. The pics are from the 1991 Moline Criterium, part of the Quad Cities weekend. It was that year that by about this time in the season that I called my days as a road racer quits. We (meaning team Kinko's) had been racing a ton. Lot's of 2 day stage races, Quad Cities weekend, one 5 day stage race, the Starved Rock Classic and more crits and road races than I care to remember (50 race days maybe). By July I had maxed out my credit card on travel expenses and the bike shop job was barely paying the bills. Season over. No Tour of KC, no Superweek, I spent my last few dollars on a mountain bike trip to CO.

That Colorado trip sparked what would ultimately become my next cycling love, mountain bike racing. After a few months of financial recovery I was back on it, this time on 26" wheels and fat tires. Suffering with bike handling skills and core strength, the transition from one to another was tough.

So here we go, 19 years wiser, still a Cat 2, and trying to find that road bike power which is so hard to find. Time to go, and go hard.

Quad Cities Moline criterium, 1991
Photo 1 & 2: Davey Norris

On my first Ibis at Quivira Scout Ranch, Tilford won, Surprise!


Rad-Renner said...

cool photos. I had that exact helmet; Z-Leader, I think, from Canada. So you ran around with Ed Micek and Johnny Miller back in the day?

MOD 2.0 said...

Yeah a little bit. The team was split between Lincoln and Omaha. I think most of the Lincoln guys were 2's, and the Omaha guys were 3's and 4's. It was mainly me, John Wilson and Dave Cech. There was a fourth 2 on the squad but I can't remember who. Might have been Ed but I think he was still a 3 back then.

The guy behind me in the yellow jersey in pic 2 is Ethan Froese, he's still riding strong out of Columbia, MO. See him at 'cross races ever now and again.

mw said...

good luck.

nice bar ends.