Monday, June 7, 2010

Last Stop Central American

Cheers from Panama.

Tried to get a photo uploaded but I don't think the data speed is too fast around these parts. We're about 5 hours outside Panama City in Venado, Los Santos. Most of the folks here have never even been to the city, which is pretty sweet. What's not very sweet is the fact that this all use to be rain forest less than 10 years ago but was cut down for pasture land. The resort we're at is actually part of the reforestation project.

Check it out here.

I'm using the trip as a forced rest week before the big push for CX season. I can already feel the benefits of 90 minutes of yoga each day. The yoga deck is amazing as it's only about 100 feet from the water in an elevated cabana.  Having put in really good miles this spring (3K since early January), I was a bit worried about maintaining focus through an entire CX season that lasts into January 2011 if I choose. The time away has kept the desire to pedal on high as each day I'm without the bike just increases the desire for when I return state side. Who knows maybe the intensive yoga session will even let me drop my bars a bit with the increased hamstring and hip flexibility.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to another bacon ride this coming sunday. See ya soon.

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