Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Baselayers aren't just for winter

It's pretty safe to say that my choices of cycling clothing this year have greatly changed the way I look at things. In the past I was fine (I thought) with turning the pedals in whatever team kit was provided. The problem with team kits though is they're budget minded single season pieces. I've written previously about some excellent Castelli and Capo outerwear but what about what's underneath?

For years I've seen the euro pros wearing ultra-light mesh baselayers, even in the heat of summer. The two most popular options seem to have been either Craft or Castelli. I've used baselayers by Defeet and Pearl Izumi but when I've tried them in the summer they were just too hot. This spring I finally went for it and ordered up a couple Castelli Core Mesh baselayers. At $35 it wasn't too much of a risk.

What I've found though is that these things work, and work really well. I never wanted to believe that an extra layer would keep me cooler in the summer but it does. Plus, there is the added benefit of looking like you're from an '80's music video. The extra course mesh creates an air layer between your jersey and your body which facilitates moisture evaporation. The best part is, they work so well, you don't even realize you're wearing it. Just to make sure it wasn't a fluke I went out on a couple rides without wearing it and I definitely noticed the jerseys clinging to me as I  was reaching for the zipper early on to get more air flow. I'm looking at picking up a couple more so I can cut down on laundry frequency. Check'em out you'll like it.


The Douglas said...

How tight do they fit around the arm pit? It looks a little constricting and could possible rub. If not, I may entertain buying one of these. I hate the wet clinging feeling of jerseys in hot weather.

MOD 2.0 said...

They actually fit pretty loose but are amazingly stretchy. I'm wearing the L/XL but almost considered going down the S/M.

No rubbage what so ever. I get raw nipples now and again with no baselayer, don't have to worry about it with these.