Monday, May 10, 2010

Good thing I checked

It was about that time. Almost two thousand miles on the Cronus. Over the last 10-15 miles of the Wednesday worlds I was picking up some odd skipping. Dirty chain? Tight link? Something in the cogset? Wasn't going to worry about, I'd pick up a new chain at the shop and worry about it later. It was time.

I almost didn't bother to check it as the busy mothers day weekend was kicking in. But, when I awoke Saturday morning, thinking about our 10am departure, I decided to stroll downstairs with my cup of tea and throw the bike in the stand. Glad I did. The broken link that I picked up on Wednesday would have made Saturdays ride a total bummer.

Luckily, I had all the goods at home to take care of the problem. A fresh Ultegra 6700 chain and more importantly a fresh bottle of DuMonde Tech citrus degreaser. With an hour in hand before qualifying started for the F1 Spanish gran prix I dug in for a full drivetrain cleaning. The DuMonde degreaser is the best I've ever used. It makes caked on chain grime fall off chainrings, cogs and pulleys with little effort. Finished up just in time to catch the last 10 minutes of the first round of quali.

Jeremy, Kevin, Lucas and I thought it would be a good day to torture ourselves and headed out for a massive hill route up to Blair. The hills did a great job of sheltering us from the biting north wind. If you'd told me I'd need (1) A long sleeve jersey (2) knee warmers (3) over socks and (4) embrocation on May 8th I'd tell you you're crazy. But that's what we needed. On the spin back from Blair Lucas and I lit it up a little bit. I thought I was going pretty well driving on the front at about 31mph, then Lucas came through, dropped it two cogs and upped it to 34! So stoked!

I'd mentioned to Kent on Thursday that we've got a great group of fast guys going right now. Each week a different guy is just a little bit faster than the rest. Which means if you're not drilling it to someone, someones drilling it to you. A constant cycle of improvement. I love the hamstring burn.
Fresh sauce for the Cronus


the technIAn said...

Yeah you better watch those chains! I installed one at the beginning of March and got around 135 miles on mine before it started skipping 20 miles into a ride. I swung by the shop on the way home to find the exact same thing. Broken back plate.

This was the third chain I had seen with this issue. I called Shimano, and while no official recall has been placed, they sent out 10 CN-7900's to us. So call them up and get a replacement for free.

I later inspected my chain to find 7 other of the plates cracked and waiting to fail. Clean up your old chain just for laughs. I bet you find more than a couple of other cracked plates.

Todd said...

You might want to look into a replacement for your replacement.

MOD 2.0 said...

Interesting fellas, time to call my inside man.

MOD 2.0 said...

FYI, I got 60 in on the new chain, no issues...yet

greasyknuckles said...

always run dura ace chains. sheesh.

MOD 2.0 said...

Received an interesting e-mail from Shimano which said.

"Causation seems to be from high alkali exposure from de-icing (salt or chemicals?) in certain areas of European & North American streets used during winter months."

I certainly rode plenty of salty roads through Jan, Feb and March.

Sounds like their engineers are checking why it's more apparent on 6700 chains.