Friday, May 28, 2010

The Final Countdown

It's almost bacon ride time everybody. Sunday to be precise. Rafal, Sean, Anne and I will be rolling out from Wohlners (67th & Center) at 6:30, come earlier if you want coffee or food or something, I think they're open. We'll be riding gravel for the majority of the day. The breakfast buffet will run you about 8 bucks so bring a card or cashese.

I'll probably be riding Saturday morning too but I don't know exactly when or where. I might look into that later today. And...I'll be riding Monday too, I'm leaving that one up to Bryan and I'll see if it fits in the schedule.

F1 is in Turkey, caught a bit of morning practice on Speed this morning. Guess I'll miss the race Sunday morning though. The things I'll do for a quality bacon ride.

But...more importantly, it's the final throwdown at the Giro. Two ga-narly stages in the mountains. The top two favorites separated by 45 seconds. A quality guy in the lead by two and half minutes. And one of the worlds best climbers 4:45 back. Yep, I'm talking about Basso, Evans, Arroyo, and Sastre. This has been the best grand tour I'd say in over 20 years. Thanks RCS for putting together a giro that has kept us, and the riders on our toes. So today it's the Mortirolo with a finish ascent to Aprica. Saturday is the big daddy Cima Coppi, over the Gavia with a finish ascent up the Passo Tonale. And Sunday it all gets capped off with a ITT in Verona with a 200m climb in the middle of it. Do Evans and Basso have what it takes to finally deliver at grand tour? Basso has done it before, I think he'll do it again.


munsoned said...

The stage with the Gavia is going to decide the whole shebang, I think. Look at it! It's all either up or down. The first big climb is like 40k long with just a little dip in the middle, then the Gavia is shorter but steeper. That is insane!!

I'm sure Basso, his team, and Evans have recovered enough from last weekend for some major fireworks. The main question is, does Arroyo and his Caisse D'Epargne team have what it takes to answer?

RD said...

yeah basso should sit pretty good considering BMC team is not that good but at the same token I wonder how long will the teams stay together on monster climbs like that

MOD 2.0 said...

Last I heard, it might snow on the Gavia again. Hello 1988.

munsoned said...

Things just got real interesting in the GC. I won't say anything since there's others that might want to see all the action later, but whoa boy, was it a stage to behold.

Il Grande Giro - a race definitely worth watching!

Cornbread said...