Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wednesday Worlds - the 10th day

Fully loaded with roasted skinless chicken with hummus and veggies for lunch, Anne and I rolled over to Trek Midtown for the weekly ride. The group continues to grow which is awesome, and Franko started the rec group up as well. Very little wind made for an ultra fast ride.

The funnest part for me was heading into Fort Calhoun. Shim and Kent had gotten off the front by a few seconds and Lucas and I were on the chase. I took the initiative to pull Lucas up to them in hopes of launching him into a sprint. I timed the catch a bit too early and left Lucas too long a sprint for the sign. We were coming up on the two of them with a lot of momentum and I probably should have blown by and towed Lucas a bit further towards the line instead of just getting him to their rear wheels. Lesson learned, won't happen again.

The double climb at Surf Side continues to be my testing point. It's far enough into the ride that you've got some fatigue built up so it's hard to hide. Went over the top third wheel behind Kent and Shim and took the lead on the descent. Still don't have the big gear power to do damage on the flats but I'd rather have climbing power now and big gear power later.

Still feeling really good with the cleanse going on. Anne and I have decided to cut it a week early and keep it to 14 days. Partly because she's heading out of town on business and partly because I'm getting freaked by weight loss and I really want to keep building the cycling fitness and I'm not getting the calories I need. The doubling up on servings has helped. The rapid weight loss has leveled out. This morning I was a well hydrated 169. Most of my clothes are too big, thank god lycra is stretchy. I've just about got the base miles I want, maybe a hundred fifty or so more to go. Timing will be perfect as I'll be ready to start doing some proper interval work about the time the cleanse ends. Time to start working on that high end.

This guys getting faster each week, it's only a matter of time


Mike Miles said...

Add 1 more to the group starting next Wednesday. Your cleanse is inspiring Mr. Savery.

Kevin said...

What did I tell you last night....what did I say? You looked like you were 168. You must not have been fully hydrated. You have pizza on Sunday to look forward to!

KEV said...

Thanks for the lead out...worked perfect for me. I assume that wasn't your plan.

greasyknuckles said...

169lbs? i think with all the damn dairy queen two for one blizzards i've had this week i might be about there, and i'm a stump.

good work mod.