Monday, April 19, 2010

ToDR III - Week 1

Dirt, no gravel. Smooth and quiet

Made the trip down to Lincoln for the third running of the Tour of Dirt Roads. The morning was a bit chilly with temps in the high 30's at the start. Expecting a warm up later in the day, I embro'd up and went sans knee warmers. I was shivering so bad on the way out of town my handlebars were twitching side to side. Wasn't long though before I warmed up heading south down the Jamaica trail. We quickly entered the old stomping ground of Team SNORT. Conditions went from brutal to sweet and back again. Lancaster County has laid more white rock this year than they have in 35 and it showed. The dirt MMR roads were a welcome sign as the soft dirt made pedaling way easier.

Early talk centered on my cleanse and how this whole 90 mile ride would pan out. A good meal the night before at McFosters was my big hope. I figured I'd play it by ear on the road and only brought a bag of almonds and a couple packets of Emergen-C. By Courtland was beginning to feel a little drained. I downed a bunch of water and we were off on the twelve mile bonus loop in Gage county. It's interesting to see the difference between county maintenance. The Gage dirt was sweet, how imagine it all was back in the '20's. Then...the blow.

I say blow because I didn't really bonk, I just blew up at about mile 60. I could turn the pedals but the body was lagging. My chest and shoulders were dead no thanks to the pounding of the white rock. With 10 miles to Sprague I had no choice but to soldier on. The thought of a chicken sandwhich dangling in front of me. As Craig and rolled into the Sprague bar we were met by Cornbread and his full plate of food. "Customer appreciation day, free food, head on back" were the the words we heard. At the back of the bar it was full spread, you name they had it, minus chicken. I asked our waitress if I could order a chicken sandwich, "Nope, grills closed". Damn it! I was so shelled at this point I had no choice. I dug into a mix of veggie's and some pulled pork. The food instantly recharged me and after downing more water, the group suited up and headed for home.

We blasted home on the Jamaica trail, screaming down the path at 22. By the end of the day Nate and I ended up just shy of 90. Considering the gravel conditions I'm chalking this one up as April's century of the month. I had a blueberry smoothie waiting for me at Nate's which helped with the drive home. Drained from a long day, I thoroughly enjoyed the Chicken and Veggie dinner.

So where does this leave me in regards to the cleanse. Well, I'm starting to get a little freaked out. Although I feel good, I won't be going on any 90 milers within the next two weeks. I will however start doubling my servings on some of the smoothies and other food. I decided that after last weeks two intensive rides my caloric intake needs to be higher.

Noticeable benefits so far...My sinuses have started to clear up. I've had a constant runny nose just about year around. My skin looks much better. The pores on my face have tightened up and overall it just looks more healthy. I was sub 170 this morning, 10 pounds in a week. I was a little dehydrated after yesterdays efforts so we'll see where I end up. So this week I'm going to chill out a bit on the bike, but I ain't done yet.


James was killing it on the way out to Cortland

Nate and Troy, Troy's my pick for Kanza, he was crushing it all day

Gage County dirt


Cornbread said...

Super stoked you made it down. Great riding with ya.

Dude, keep it up with the cleanse. It's fun to track your progress.

You're gonna tear it up this year!

Mark Studnicki said...

Nate, you have something hanging off your face :-)