Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Camp

With one race under the belt it's time for more fun. Wednesday night, Nate, JP and I are off to Fruita. Haven't been there since 2004 but this time out is going to be crazy. The list of attendees is to great to gather in a single document. All I can say is it will be a multi-state excursion. I can't wait for long days in the saddle and long nights by the fire.

I've never ridden slick rock on two-nines, let alone single. After our trip to Durango for SSWC I am a firm believer that a singlespeed is good anywhere. It will be nice being able to squeeze between boulders without the worry of ripping your derailleur off.

Is it bad that one of my biggest concerns is finding a place to watch Roubaix? I'd like to see a third Boonen / Cancellara showdown. Will Spartacus make it three?


mw said...

whoo hoo!

speedomodel said...

Sweet photos! Enjoy the trip.