Thursday, April 1, 2010

Good Week

Last night kicked off the official Wednesday Worlds Omaha edition ride last night. It was pretty fun, but first...

Monday we met up at Blue Line for the first Full Moon Ride of the year. T-bone, SA, Anne and I ended up hooking up with the Greenstreeters and spun the river trail out to Manawa. The singletrack is majorly flooded. Great ride and met some cool folks.

Tuesday it was TNMWR. Heading down to Lincorn early to maximize my hangout time with Nate and EP. The reason for the trip? Team SNORT reunion time. T.Norland was in town from Corvalis. Hadn't seen Trevor since '01, hadn't ridden with him since...I don't know when...'95 maybe, crazy. Anyway, we were missing Lanny and Darin. Lanny is stuck out in SoCal, Darin was rumored to make an appearance but was a no-show. We rolled out of Monkey Wrench at 6:15 and headed to our early '90's stomping ground of Wilderness Park.

We hit it old school style and kept it on the hiker side. It was a straight blast from the past ride as Nate led out Kevin with Trevor, me, Daniel and Brian locked in tow, circa 1992. It was fast, flowing and as good as it ever was.

Team SNORT, 1992
D.Kelley, T.Norland, B.Kelley, L.Voyles, M.Savery

 Team SNORT, 2010
 T.Norland, B.Kelley, D.Kelley, K.Wilkins, M.Savery

Which catches us up to Wednesday. I will say I was a bit nervous going into the first intense effort ride of the year. I've been on my old school roadie plan since January 1, steady base miles, very little intensity, low heart rate, little chainring. As it turns out, I'm pretty happy with where I'm at. Legs felt a little tired but good. Wasn't able to take as many pulls as I'd have liked to but like I said, the legs felt a little tired. In short, I've got about 600 more base miles to get in before I even think about more structured intensity. Shit, listen to me, I sound like a racer...more on that at a later date. For now, TNR tonight, big wheels on dirt, Jewell Park, Yum.

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