Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fruita Vaca

Zippity Do Da ribbon of riders

This time last week I was knee deep in Fruita singletrack. Torching my skin and smiling all the way home. It was a Lincoln / ex-Lincoln mega mancation that found 18 of us hanging out in the dusty expanse of Rabbit Valley just west of town. The conditions were perfect, high 60's during the day, low 30's at night.

Day one we rode the traditional rustlers, mary's, horsethief loops. Followed on day two by a big loop on the burn/zion curtain to the western rim. Day three we cut out and headed to 18 road. All three days were amazing and bookended with breakfast at the Butterhorn in Frisco. A damn fine four day escape. Now is the time.

Rabbit Valley looking across at the LaSalle's

Camping at Castle Rock campground, post ride

Climbing to the top of Chutes and Ladders, 18 road (Jesse and Nate)

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speedomodel said...

Damn, that looks like fun.