Saturday, April 3, 2010

First Race of New Year

If you'd have asked me at the start of the day if I thought I'd make the podium today the answer would have been a resounding no. So when I rolled through the finish I was a bit surprised when I looked down to see a sub 17 minute time.

Today's time trial at Jewell park in Bellevue was a tricky one. First off, none of us have ever raced there. Second, it was an all out one lap time trial. Third, it was the first dirt event of the season. For me this was only my 4th day on dirt since Thanksgiving, for Cam his first. To say some of us were a bit green was an understatement.

The plan was quite simple though. Keep it below the red zone through the first steep switchback climb and then open it up and keep it as fluid as possible. The finesse came in never opening it up as hard as you could on the flatter bits in hope of having a little extra for the steep bits. The plan worked better than expected when my time dumbed me in the top five. The final result, Kent McNeill (stunt double Nate Woodman standing in on the podium) @ 16:19, Steve Jarrett @ 16:20 something, Jesse Petersen @ 16:30 something, yours truly @ 16:47 and Cam Kirkpatrick @ 16:50.

It was super fun chasing Nate and catching glimpses of him where the trail over-lapped. Chris took his virgin victory in the SS category and most of my weekend training bros either came in on the podium or nearly missed.

Next up the Ronde and F1 Maylaysia tomorrow morning.'s off to Fruita, four days of buddies, camping and bikes. Love it.

G.B. Kevin Wilkins rolling through the finish

CVO and Shim


SS Champ, C.Wolff


MG said...

nice ridin' saturday mod. it was good to see ya' out there.


MOD said...

Thank's buddy, you didn't too bad yourself for riding a 57.2 lb. drop bar bike. You better get that Ti Mariachi built up ASAP...with flat bars ;)

MG said...

Oh, c'mon... My bike only weighed 51 lbs that day (or maybe 28), but yeah, it had a little more ferrous content than your Superfly did.

The Ti bike is on its way. All it needs is some tires on the rims. Otherwise it's ready to go. And man, it's light... and tight.