Friday, April 23, 2010

Eleven - ain't so bad

I've been dying for this dinner for about a week. Lamb chops and steamed asparagus. See, this cleanse isn't so bad. The biggest problem with this meal was finding the lamb. Tried Whole foods on Saturday, out. Tried again on Monday, out, but did find out there is a global lamb shortage, who knew? Finally, after a failed ride attempt at Swanson, score. Whole Foods finally delivered.

Here's the scoop. These little morsels were marinated in a rosemary, garlic, EVOO and dijon mustard paste, then grilled on high heat for 3 minutes on each side. Perfectly rare in the middle, delicious. Served with steamed asparagus, no dressing required. I'm still trying to figure out why lamb and chicken is okay but not beef and pork. They also allow cold water fish in the program. regardless, I'll be making this meal regularly.

As I mentioned I moment ago, I had a mega failed ride at Swanson. Thought I could get some dirt time in before the rain but my legs were baked from Wednesday. So I packed it up, headed home and did some yoga instead. I'm always amazed how good you feel after even just one sun salutation.

With just two days remaining in the cleanse Anne and I's dinner conversation revolved around which non-program foods we would introduce first. Bascially, I really, I mean really like thin crust pizza. Not that I'm going to go out and eat large pizza solo and undo everything I just did but you may find me eating a slice or two. Then there's booze. We both enjoy a glass of vino with dinner. Then there's my ongoing addiction to Sesame Chicken. I might have to let this one go. Sushi, yeah, we'll be at Sushi Japan soon enough.

Moving forward I think Anne and I will stick to many of the do's and don't's outlined in Clean. The biggest change will be dinners instead of lunches. We enjoy cooking and eating together, and making dinner smoothies didn't count. So although I'm looking forward to opening up my diet to more "regular" foods, I'm still set on maintaining much of the diet I've been on.

Another half pound lighter this morning. Lovely.

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