Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day Three

Let's start with the fun part...

Trek Midtown Wednesday Worlds - With the cleanse now in full swing I was a little uncertain how I would ride. With Kent and Spence in attendance it was sure to be a drill fest. I never feel like I'm quite warmed up by the first hill and this week was no exception but I made it over the top latched onto Kent and Chris's wheel. As we approached the north O airport my evil twin reared it's ugly head and I launched an attack with Kent on my wheel. I quickly realized i have no concept anymore of "too hard" and was quickly laboring to maintain the tempo I set. The remainder of the ride was a study in damage control, but all is well. There are some damn fast guys on that ride and I'm super stoked to be put under the kind of pressure I was last night. Keep building.

This morning I woke up slightly dehydrated from the previous evenings humid ride and weighed in at 173.5. This is officially the lightest I've been since 1993 when I won in Lincoln.

So this leaves me with the details of the day. Green smoothie for breakfast, kale, avocado, almond milk and coconut water. Reminded of doing shots of barley grass back in my juicing days. Nothing like drinking a fresh cut lawn. Lunch was a grilled chicken veggie saute' with buckwheat noodles, really good. Dinner was a breakfast revisit with a handful of almonds after the intense ride. Energy levels are still good. Sleep is still sound. Everything is as it should be. Go!


brady said...

re: back in my juicing days

You juiced? That explains a lot.

E.O'B. said...

Keep up the posting on this. I'm especially eager to hear about how your energy levels on the bike respond to the cleanse, and how your body recovers after intensity.

Skip said...

"Nothing like drinking a fresh cut lawn." Classic!!

I'm excited that it's going well for you. You've got me thinking.

RF said...

awesome. just, awesome.