Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day One

Upon my return from Fruita, Anne and I have begun a detox cycle based on the Clean Program.  She stumbled across the book and found it interesting as we've often looked at alternatives to western medicine and it's addiction to prescription medication. We decided to go for the full 3 week cleanse. It's not a fast or anything crazy. It's about putting easily digestible, fresh, raw food into your body so it spends less time on digestion and more time on detoxification, rest and recovery.

Why? Why not. We barrage our bodies with processed and chemically laden food. Take prescription drugs to alleviate symptoms and generally live on the edge of health. Although I consider myself healthy, at six foot, 200 pounds I was considered overweight. I'll be 40 soon and with a little over a year before that date comes I thought I better get things square. Since the new year I've dropped 20 pounds and am the fittest I've been since '99. In addition to the, get healthy(er) before 40 motivation, there's this little race coming up in 2012 and 13 that I really want to do. Call it a life long dream. That dream is the Cyclocross World Championship (masters), which will be held in Louisville, KY. I see this cleanse as the final push to help me hit a race weight I've not seen since the early '90's. It's not all about weight. The program will assist in a multitude of areas that have been annoying, whether it be allergies or restless sleep. So with that I begin.

Day 1: Breakfast was comprised of an 8oz. fruit and veggie smoothie with some liver health and pro-biotics supplements. Green Tea was substituted for coffee. Lunch consisted of my one solid meal of the day with grilled chicken and vegetables with the same supplements as breakfast. Dinner was a pineapple / avocado / jalapeno gazpacho with cilantro, much tastier than I thought it would be. I felt good all day. I had a slight lingering headache later in the day, I assume from the coffee caffeine withdrawal. One of the no no's is not to snack between meals and let your digestive system "rest" for 12 hours between dinner and breakfast. I'm a snacker, especially late at night. The interesting thing was I never felt "hungry" throughout the day, but the desire to snack was hard to resist. I slept great last night and woke up at 180.5 pounds.


Jer said...

Crap....just what we all need...your power to weight ratio to go up

badger dave said...

Don't if it's the same detox a friend did but I'm interested to see how you find it alongside riding/training-he said he felt pretty drained after a week. Good luck though, sounds like fun :P

dale said...

Another way to give the digestive system a break is to fast one day a week. It is amazing how good food tastes after 24 hours of water only.

I haven't done this since moving to Omaha. The wife and kids didn't like it though because I get a little crabby when I'm hungry.

I would like to couple the fast with a sabbath from tv, phone, computer, etc. and commune with God in readings, hiking and slow biking in woods or country side.

Hope the cleansing works for you and Anne.

Endurosnob said...

intriguing. keep us posted.

munsoned said...

If I tried this, by the third day I'd be out in some pasture with a steak knife and fork chasing after cows.

Please do keep us posted.

Chris G. said...

Mod: What's your target weight? I'm an even six feet tall and I'm always interested in a benchmark. I'm shooting for a BMI of 22 (162 lbs) just to see what that feels like. But I expect I'll settle in at about 168. I was 164.8 this morning. At this time last year, I was 218.

MOD said...

I'd like to see 165, to be honest I never thought I'd see that weight again, but this morning I was 173 (slightly dehydrated) which is the lightest I've been in 15 years. It now seems very attainable. I did have a brief stint when I was racing full time on the road where I hovered just below 160, but that was a loooong time ago.

The plus side is I rode pretty strong last night on the Wednesday Worlds ride so I'm not losing power which is the important part.