Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day Five - Sticking to the Program

Yesterday (Friday) was the toughest day yet. Why? Usually Friday is eat out day. I try to bring lunch Monday through Thursday and then go out to eat on Friday. This week, no go. It could be worse. To the left is an example of what my daily bread has primarily consisted of. Yesterday it happened to be grilled chicken and vegetables for lunch with a green smoothie for breakfast.

It got hard when (1) During a quick visit to Trek Midtown the smell of SmashBurger was luring me in and (2) the chinese counter at HyVee. I managed to resist, but temptation was high.

Yesterday marked Anne and I's first failure on the menu. We attempted a chilled cucumber / mint soup for dinner, not good. After attempting to stomach it (Anne did much better than I) I opted out for a delicious blueberry / cocoa / almond milk smoothie, much better. I'll be having one for breakfast as well.

Many of you are interested in how I'm feeling on the bike. Well, the program recommends exercise as part of the cleanse but does not recommend high intensity. With that said, I wasn't surprised the legs were epically tired on Thursday's TNR ride after the mega throw down that was Wednesday Worlds, and I woke up a bit groggy on Friday morning. However, energy levels are still high throughout the day, slight hunger pains now and again, but all in all I'm still stoked and ready to keep moving forward. Tomorrow (Sunday) I'm planning on heading south to Lincoln for the PCL, Tour of Dirt Roads ride. This will be two good tests, (1) see how I feel over 80+ miles of gravel in prep for the Gravel Worlds and (2) more importantly, how my body handles 80+ miles on the cleanse. I'm hoping a jersey pocket of almonds will suffice along with more than a few packets of Emergen-C.

So here we are, the beginning of Day Six...171.5 pounds, hydrated, well rested, ready for more...


Shim said...

OK, the chicken looks ok, the drink is just gross, I'd rather have man boobs than drink that!

MOD said...

You have man boobs already, you don't need to drink it.