Thursday, April 29, 2010

1 day pleasure, 1 day pain

Back to back rides on Tuesday and Wednesday couldn't have been much more diverse. On Tuesday, James and I met up at Crane Coffee on 78th and Cass for the the first run of Euro Trash Tuesday. James came kitted up in a matching blue setup of Castelli knickers and jersey, capped off with a florescent yellow, red and green hairnet crash helmet. Not to be outdown I anti-upped wth my own Castelli head to toe kit in black and pink. We cruised for 25 miles through ponca hills ultimately ending at Dario's in Dundee for half price drafts and pomme frites. Goodbye Classics, hello Grand Tours. Now if Dario's just a big screen in the cafe' so we watch the Giro, just a thought. (pics to come)

Wednesday was a completely different tale. Mega south winds for the Wednesday worlds ride made for one of the more interesting rides of the year. With my knowledge of crosswinds in hand I made sure I was at the front when we hit the right hand turn onto highway 36. And what I thought would happen did. The group was split pretty quickly and by the time we hit the north O airport the group was splintered behind. The trick to riding in heavy crosswinds is (1) stay near the front so you make the split and (2) Don't skip pulls because you're safer inside the echelon than exposed at the back. It was a full speed brawl to Ft. Calhoun with a max speed of 43 along the rolling terrain of the trace. For the first time I felt my 53x12 just wasn't enough.

The group was splintered again in the next crosswind section en route to Boyer Chute. I strong group with Lucas, Kent, Kev, Shim, Bernardo and myself made the split and worked together like clockwork in the 35+ mph headwind swinging our echelon from left to right along the curves of the valley rode. It was the most organized, tightest echelon I've ever seen on a Wednesday night. It left me grinning from ear to ear and looking for more next week.


brady said...

Among the many *fond* memories I have of last night, the one that sticks out the most was when you yelled in Boyer's Chute to stick to the inside of the wheel of the guy in front of me. Failure to do this got me quickly popped off the back.

I believe that failure taught me a lot.

Thanks for the advice, Mark. You're welcome to keep yelling crap like that at me.

speedomodel said...

Thanks Mark, I had a blast Tuesday night. I hope to get over this nausea problem of mine so that I can come suffer on Wednesdays.

MOD said...

Brady, I'm always good for yelling at people, I'm glad you think it's constructive.

James, next up bike and vino (they Italian one with the lowercase vee)