Friday, March 26, 2010


Gent-Wevelgem just got twice as hard

Ah, what a week, and it's not over yet. In fact it's just beginning. The time change and the good temps made for a great week on the bike. RF and I went back to back Tuesday / Wednesday and then I dropped in on the TNR last night. On the horizon we've got (1) Goldsprints at the Slowdown tonight, (2) F1 racing in Australia (3) Criterium International (4) Gent-Wevelgem and (5) Chelsea v. Aston Villa. Let's work ourselves up into a nice crescendo.

Tonight...Goldsprints or rather Greensprints at the Slowdown. Greenstreets grand opening gala. Should be a good time.

Chelsea v. A.V. - Yeah, futbol, why this match, because Chelsea needs to lose and clear things out for Arsenal up top. It'll be hard enough for the Gunners to beat Man U without Chelsea getting in the way.

Next up G.P. Australia, Ferrari came out charging hard in Bahrain and typically they go good at Albert Park. Red Bull will be on the hunt after losing out at Round 1.

Criterium International, Contador v. Armstrong round 1. It's their first meeting since the TdF. I'm guessing Contador has the upper hand. He was really smooth and was never under pressure at Paris-Nice. Who wins? Don't really care because...

It's all about Gent-Wevelgem this weekend. Cancellara looked good mid-week at the Dwars door Vlaanderen as did Tommy Boonen. This one is going to be a crap shoot as there's 35k to the finish from the last climb of the day, the Kemmelberg. It's only 23% no big deal, oh, let's ride it twice though, yep 2 times up the Kemmelberg this year. Don't even get me started on the potential winners list here. After the slug fest that was the finish of M-S-R last weekend your guess is as good as mine. I will make two predictions. Same as last week. My heart says Philipe Gilbert, my head says Boonen.

So with all this TV watching what's a boy to do. Well, it's going to rain did you hear? All day (Saturday). And with the live feed of G-W ending just before 10am on Sunday, I reckon it'll be time to go outside and ride my bike a bit. Same bat time, same bat channel, Wohlners, 10am, head north young man.

The brothers Wolff and T-Bone, TNR, March 26th, Two Thousand Ten


mathguy said...

How far will you be going on Sunday?

MOD said...

3-4 hours is pretty typical. High winds, it'll be good to be in group.