Monday, March 22, 2010


I'm feeling kind of greedy. Greedy because I'm enjoying the bike too much. Every ride is better than the last. It can be solo or with a group. It can be cloudy or sunny. It can be cold and windy or warm and calm. Any ride, any time, they've all been good.

Is there enough bike love out there to go around? Or am I hoarding it all. Things can only get better too. Longer days and still warmer temps. Wednesdays will be heating up soon with the resumption of the Trek Midtown Wednesday Worlds. I'm eager to turn the pedals in anger as I've reserved myself to my 39t chainring for the most part. I still need another K of base miles before I really throw myself into it but one day a week of intensity will be just fine.

Sunday, the Wohlner's 10am crew grew 300%. Yep, Bryan, RD, M.Miles, JC, Mr.Munson and I headed Northwest to Arlington. Hadn't ridden out that way before. Rode some nice hills, most seemed around 4-6%. Stretched the legs out a time or two and felt pretty good. Just another fun day on the bike. I think I stole all the fun from Munson but it was great to finally get him out on the road. Cat. 5's beware, RD is riding like a madman after only having a road bike for a month and JC, who is now pain free, will be back in the mix shortly. Which leaves me with my old winter nemesis Bryan Redemske. Bryan and I are going to have fun this summer. Many Wednesday nights of fun... Now if RF and I are (1a) and (1b) on the list, who's (a) and who's (b)?


bryan said...

Who's 'a' and who's 'b'? Flip a coin.

It won't matter in the end.

RD said...

this road biking thing is somewhat fun :D

Jer said...

somewhat fun...wait till your screaming through a turn at 20+ mph and you don't have to worry about oncoming traffic!

RF said...

Yeah, RD, what Jer said... just ask Brian.