Monday, March 15, 2010

Century of the Month Club

You joining? Mike did. March is signed off. When's the next? April, of course. Route? I'll let you know. Surface? Probably more gravel.

Things aren't as green as in the pics, but my feelings towards winter are depicted quite clearly to left. M.Miles and I had headed out in misty cool weather for a north trip through Logan, Mo Valley and Blair. Our 20+ mile headwind stretch was followed by a nasty little 10+ mile crosswind that took it's toll. As not to make it too easy on ourselves we turned to the hills instead of a balls out tailwind through the valley. And not just any hills, a pretty steady serving of nine to twelve percenters. Who says there's no climbing in Nebraska / Iowa? We saw nearly 5000 feet on the day.

I'm really enjoying the bike this winter. The cross and road bike that is. Couldn't much tell you the last time I rode fat tires. It'll come, sometime, right? Now that it's officially spring, I'm excited to get out even more. The extra evening hour has been much anticipated. The motivation has been kept high thanks to my friends at BVLS. I've been on a steady Saturday / Sunday diet of cyclocross followed by the opening spring classics and stage races. My new found love of embrocation has allowed me to dress more minimally than I ever have and my new and old training weapons have been keeping the legs feeling fresh. Yeah, I'm having fun on the bike.

Coming to a weekend near you...

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