Tuesday, February 23, 2010

When life gets in the way

Lots going on right now. Everything is getting in the way of work. We're in the final surge heading into the spring silly season. VG catalog and preseason orders all around. Oh yeah, and fall Fall orders are due now too. Oh, and Frostbike was this past weekend. Never thought I'd head north and find better weather than home. But in between eyeing fresh bike goods, MIB, Mr.T and myself managed two days of awesome skinny skiing on some great groomed trails. Thirty Four Twenty hooked us up with the Hyland ski trails, super fun. After three hours of skiing I can barely walk. Oh, did I mention I want skate skis? Well, I do. Even if I have to drive to Sioux City or Minneapolis to us them.

Okay, enough talk, back to work.

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