Thursday, February 18, 2010

More Snow?

Really? Not that it effects me much. I'm headed to MN for QBP's open house, Frostbike. On a good note, NOAA is only saying three quarters of an inch instead of the 1-3 inches I heard, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you guys. I know Mike wants to get his new Madone out.

This is it, the end of cross season. Last race is Sunday. I think I'm going to miss it since I'll be out of town unless Matt brings his lap top. You know the drill, 8am, BVLS. And with that is road season.

So what does the season hold...? I'll stay tight lipped for a little while longer but I will be racing on the road a bit. Still racing offroad a bit, and racing way more cross than I ever have. But that's months away.

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