Friday, February 5, 2010

Feeling at Home

It's been about a month now since i started my new position as a desk jockey. And finally after a month the new office is complete. What's an office without unicorn accessories? And evil unicorn decor at that. Now I can mosey into the office and spin the old unicorn wheel of options. Today it's "Leap Across a Ravine". Which I will probably have to do with all the snow in the forecast for the next few days.

This week and last have been a blur as this is our busy time. Prepping four stores and a dot com for the silly season. In the past week alone I've gotten a sneak peak at both Pearl Izumi and Castelli's fall line up. It's looking good, really good. Pearl has some new casual yet technical gear in the works and Castelli is still wowing me with the most innovative apparel I've ever laid eyes on. I'm saving my pennies now for next September.

Jed and Kent emailed me a week ago and they've got this little ride going on called Cirrem. One hundred kilometers of gravel love on February 27th. So if you're not riding with me, go ride with Jed and Kent and a whole slew of Iowanians.

This weekend is looking a bit on the sketch side for a ride, but gravel is probably an option, on fat tires if the snow keeps falling. When I know something I'll give everyone at least an hours notice so stay alert.

Friday Playlist...Ladyfinger (NE), The Hives, NIN, Mastadon, Rise Against, Alice In Chains, The Clash, Incubus, The Offspring, Mudvayne, Failure


Jer said...

I think Sunday I'm going to be out on fat tires regardless of whether its on the road or gravel.

mw said...

get some Chromeo in that mix!