Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Coming back from Sunday

Two long days in the office were almost enough to make me forget about the ass dropping I got on Sunday. So what's everyone looking at? Just a bad ass white trash mustang, that's all. But about the ride.

RF and I met up at Crane Coffee and pedaled down to Bellevue town where we picked up Shim, Kev, Mike and Brady Murphy (you always have to say Brady's name like Rick James (Dave Chapelle) would say Charlie Murphy). Temps were good, wind was good, gravel was good, hills were good, then Brady Murphy (c'mon Rick James voice please) went to the front and pinned me straight to the back and off the group. Ouch! Ended up crawling home on Bellevue boulevard at about 10mph.

I'm not dead so I know I'm stronger. In fact I'm pretty sure I'm ready for more. Yep, ready and willing. So this makes four solid 3 hour plus weekend rides in a row. Outlook is looking good for the coming weekend too. Hmmm...I love being motivated, one look at F.Moser before each ride is all the inspiration I need.

This was the second ride on the Hakkalugi too. Since ride one we've gone to longer stem, aluminum bar and adjuster barrels on the canti's, and with that it is done. Post ride festivities were at the Waiting Room where 100+ tifosi gathered to take in the sights and sounds of the 1974 Giro d'Italia. Great movie made even better by great company.

...I forgive you Brady Murphy! HA! Thanks for making me stronger.


munsoned said...

Mod, you're supposed to, on the next ride, walk up to Brady and say(a la Rick James(Dave Chappelle)), "Brady Murphy! What did the five fangers say to the face? Smack!!!" Then fake slap him. Now that would be funny.

Man, it sounds like I would've been off the back a whole bunch on that ride. I need to ease myself back into group rides, considering the first hour+ ride I've had in a month was yesterdays ride to the Trek South store. Yeesh.

MOD said...

How'd you like the store? I think it looks pretty sweet. It's a really clean look.

You need to start coming out. The longer you wait, the worse it will get. I'm speaking from experience.

munsoned said...

The store did look clean. And I think the traffic is going to increase a whole bunch. It's real easy to see from a very busy road.

Yeah, I know I need to head outdoors soon. Hopefully this weekend I can convince myself and a couple people to ride slowly for a few hours. Slowly being the operative word.

speedomodel said...

F.Moser for the win! Ask Jarrett about the Laurent Brochard Mullet World Champion poster and jersey I gave him for his birthday. Most inspiring. :)


brady said...

You know it was nothing personal, Mod.

First of all, I was cold. Having only a thermal base and wooly for the torso, the only way I was going to get warm was by kicking up the pace.

Secondly, I didn't look back because of the display of strength you were showing in the hills and up in the front of the pack during the headwind. I was actually surprised to hear Shim tell me to ease up after you popped.

And finally, I've got unfinished business on that stretch of Iowa's HWY 370. Yes, Munson or Redemske could tell you about two of my darkest bicycle moments that occurred on the westbound approach to the Bellevue toll bridge. They were there. They saw the suffering.

This time it was your turn to suffer. But you're right: you're stronger now for it.

Pain is only weakness leaving the body
-- Nietszche

MOD said...

I know, I'm just giving you shit. You were riding really strong. It must have been good for me because I felt really good tonight.

mw said...

i always am drifting off the back of our rides. but hell. we regroup every now and again. and it pushes me to be more motivated to stay closer to the group, or even in the group. this sunday i felt pretty good tho.