Friday, January 15, 2010

Sunday Ride Plans

JC and I were scheming. North (barely) wind, kinda warm temps. Plan is north to Blair via 75. Exact route will depend on potential ice conditions on tree covered county roads. Worst case scenario, we'll stay on 75, 36 and 133. Best case scenario, Trace, P32/35 (Ft.Calhoun-Blair) hills, then tempo on flat 75, double paceline, 10 minute pulls, tempo, tempo, tempo!

Meet at Dundee Blue Line, high noon with your six gun and fenders. North 52nd out of town and rolling. About 50 miles and if road conditions cooperate we'll be on some hills.


Shim said...

I'm in church until 12:00 if not later, to get to Blue Line I'm looking at 1:15 if I'm luck and drive really fast.

MOD said...

Sorry man, after one is too late this week.

What's the plan for you today?

Shim said...

Not sure yet, what's up.