Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The next generation from Castelli

I've had these shorts for a while now. Really nice shorts actually. Recently I was reaquainted with Castelli. They're making a huge comeback. Having been one of the top clothing brands when I first starting riding back in the '80's it's cool to see the originator of the lycra short back at the top.

So what's the deal? One thing. That one thing is what the short is made of, one piece of fabric. Hence the name, the Body Paint. Yep, that's right, no four, six, eight, twelve whatever panels here. These are made from one piece of italian tailored lycra. On top of that there are no bulky leg grippers at the cuff. The gripper is actually milled into the fabric, and it works. The same milling process is used on the shoulder straps. The straps are may be a little too fine as they have a tendency to roll on the shoulders. The cut is pretty low which allows my beer gut to hang a bit, but I'm working on that so it shouldn't be a problem for long.

I don't even now where to start on the chamois. It's one of the most comfortable I've ridden in and the three gel inserts are barely noticeable.  The boys at Pez Cycling have a much more eloquent write up at Castelli, and far better images than I could ever hope to produce (follow the link above). These gems come at a price, a hefty price. $250 to be exact. But they'll be your go to short time and time again.


bryan said...

If you weren't so gigantic, I'd like to try those sometime.


Single_Speeder said...

If I wanted my man parts to press firmly against something that your man parts had been pressed firmly against, then I too would like to try those sometime. Kind of like wearing another man's cup. Only with chamois cream.

Single_Speeder said...

And butt sweat.

bryan said...

our washing machine has a "sterilize" setting, so I figure I'll be OK.

maybe I'll boil them afterward just to be safe.

MOD said...

You'll have to rip them out of my cold dead hands.