Monday, January 4, 2010

New years end of an era

Mmm, waffles, thanks TP for getting me addicted. Anyway, last week has been really suck-a-riffic. Picked up a wicked bout of food poisoning last Tuesday and was laid out for a couple days. Lost about six pounds and completely purged my body of everything. Detox at it's finest. Reset...check.

On the up side I had plenty of couch time to fulfill my addiction of euro cross. There were some great races and I even managed to catch some live action.

On the down side my five days off were spent not doing much of anything. Made it through both Star Wars trilogies and the Sergio Leone, man with no name, spaghetti western trilogy.

On the "how's my 2010 season shaping up?" front. Today I officially said goodbye to the Gary Fisher 29er Crew. Well kind of. I got the "what's your plan?" call today from Trek rep Stevie Tighe and after two successful years I thought it was time to let some other guys have a shot and fly the colors. Especially since I'm really going to try and give the CX thing a big go.

So what's in store? Other than the above statement of focusing on ''ll just have to wait. I've got  a couple of irons in the fire and there is some cool stuff going on locally. One of which will probably see me in a couple road races this year. So there's one little morsel for ya. Road racing you say? why yes. Yeah it's been a couple years. A couple five years to be exact. You have to return to your roots on occasion, right?


the technIAn said...

Too bad to here about the food poisoning, and about the 29er Crew. I still don't know if I have enjoyed a race as much as the race at Sugar a couple seasons ago. Don't get too serious about the 'Cross or Road thing, I still want another shot at you at Sugar! Cheers to the future. Aaron

mw said...

hi mod.
looking forward to your feb ride.

MOD said...

Well, if you're looking forward to it, I better start planning one.

Cornbread said...

How about a gravel grinder in 2010? Dirty Kanza registration is this weekend!

Waffles are awesome. I got a Belgian waffle maker this summer. Kinda went overboard on the waffles for a few months.

mathguy said...

Looking forward to mucho cross practice in the late summer. Let's get cx off the ground in this town.