Sunday, January 10, 2010

Great (outdoors) Ride Today

Hooked up with Sunday gravel crew for some Capehart/Pflugg action. MW, we missed you. Got in a solid 40 miles. Capehart and Pflugg are some of the hillier southie routes, climbing total was about 2800 feet with a max grade of 16%. Love it! Best of all I finally found a comfortable kit when temps are in the mid-twenties. Hands were good, feet were good, face was good, what else can you ask for.

Today was also the maiden voyage of the Hakkalugi. Super stoked. Need to make a few little fit tweaks but otherwise all good. Things are going to be sloppy this week, better find your fenders.

Shim, Rafal, RF and Mike (hiding behind Rafal)

Shim and Brady with one of many EPIC! snow banks

Kev, RF and Jeremy

Kev, Shim, RF, Josh, Jeremy


Cornbread said...

Yes! Great job fellas!

Scott Redd said...


This is what makes living in Nebraska so awesome.

Can't wait to join you folks another time.

mw said...

that looks like good stuff. just got in to work from a monday motivational ride...

Dave said...

I've enjoyed looking over a few winter-themed blogs. Living and cycling in Los Angeles, it's difficult to conceive what winter is like in far-off lands. ;-)

MOD said...

Dave, I miss the mild winters of SoCal, but when I was in SoCal I missed significant seasonal change too!