Monday, January 18, 2010

Good Miles

Managed another outside ride Sunday. Refreshing. Temps were just above freezing which made it a little sloppy. It was a little foggy but there was zero wind. Bryan, Jeremy and I heading out north to Ft. Calhoun along the Trace and then ripped the valley floor out to Blair. With the, no wind, conditions we easily rode around 20mph all the way.  The route home on 133 was made easier by the fog. We never really new where we were until we came up on hwy. 36. It made for what felt like a quick 50 miles.

I'm pretty pumped to have gotten in back to back 3 hour rides the past two Sundays. I'm hoping the freezing rain in the forecast will stay away. Otherwise, I guess it's back to the trainer.


mw said...

we got two nice ones this weekend. also stoked. the skiing was fun, but it feels good to be riding again, aside from short commutes.

mw said...

great picture by the way. lots of dirty snow around here.

MOD said...

Oh, it's dirty here too, just not out in the middle of that field.