Friday, January 15, 2010

Another for the weekend

I'm going to stay positive here, I was super stoked that half of the trail was clear...

So...another fun weekend is on the horizon. Saturday night we're looking at KC Sprints at Duffy's in Lincoln. This will be our first goldsprints event in Nebraska, I for one, am looking forward to checking it out.

Sunday, World Cup CX from Roubaix, Live on BVLS. Again, pretty sure coverage starts at 8:00 AM. This could be interesting with Albert out or hindered with a broken rip. Kind of messed up story if you hadn't heard. Regardless, I'll be pulling for my boy Sven to close the gap in the WC points.

The GTC will be out and about so if you really feel like working hard, hang out over here.

Which leaves us to ride details. It's going to be really sloppy. Sean has a thing going on Saturday. I'll be heading west to Lincoln, hopefully for some ski action, followed by Sprints.

Sunday is up in the air. Anyone down for a road ride? Clip on the fenders and go? Mid 30's by noon or 1 PM. It'll feel like a summer day.


munsoned said...

Mod, being that the GTC cleared a lot of our local Keystone, I'm going to head out west on Sunday to help them out.

I think I also want to get working on the part of the trail from the picture you have posted. I need a good upper body workout since I've always had lame roadie arms. I work late next week (in to work by 11am) but if you're ever up to do some morning trail shoveling, let me know.

cvo said...

i missed you last night dude.

MOD said...

Yeah, something came up. Bummed I missed it, looked pretty sweet.