Monday, December 14, 2009

Cognac and Cross

What a great weekend. Good snow on the ground and plenty of 'cross racing. Me and the misses got out early on Saturday for a good hour and a half ski. Elmwood was in prime condition. I few good tracks had been layed down by some experienced skiers but then some dog walker always has to come along and walk straight down the track. Your dog may not know better but you do, or maybe you don't? Hmm?

After a bit of bike fit fun with Sam and Skip we headed out an about. Made it back just in time for the Tweet cast of Matt and Nate's 35-39 cross nats race. The blow by blow was exciting as Nate appeared to be picking off 10 guys a lap. The final weekend results for jerseys went like so...

Master 45-49: Troy Krause 18th
Master 30-34: Adam Mills 30th
Master 35-35: Shad Smith 10th, Nate Woodman 32nd, Matt Tillinghast 61st
Master 40-44: Jeff Winkler 11th
Master 50-54: Tom Price 4th
Junior: Chris Wallace 4th
U-23: Joe Schmalz 17th, Logan VonBokel 23rd, Alex Edwards 34th
Collegiate D2: Paul Webb 6th
Elite: Shad Smith 50th

If some of the names don't look familiar that's because I've got the KCCX crew in their that took the Trek Store short bus and team trailer out there. Those are some pretty impressive numbers.

I was super stoked to see Tim Johnson win the Elite race. I first saw him race in '99 at the Presidio in San Francisco. Awesome! Tim deserved the win this year, he's been flying. The good old US of A will have a good team at the worlds.

I had a ton of fun this year racing 'cross and traveling again. It came to an abrupt end at Jingle Cross but it definitely ignited the CX fire in me. I love this sport, it's culture and the folks that do it. Cross practice starts again in 8 months, can't wait. Until then, read up on the next best thing in cycling, and strap on the skis and enjoy this weather.

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-mk- said...

i have that same hat. from circa 96-97, maybe? my favorite running and skinny skiing hat. lost the tassle a couple years ago tho. boo!