Thursday, December 10, 2009

-2 commute

Here we go again. Not quite as cold but 5 days earlier this season. I'm 2 miles closer, piece of cake.


Scott Redd said...

The photo looks like something from X-Files or Outer Limits where someone's body vaporizes, leaving only the clothes behind.

Way to bike it, MOD.

The Douglas said...

MOD: Our winter ensemble looks about the same except the pants under the winter shell. Don't those get wet and retain moisture?

I roll with winter tights and shants over top and carry dry clothes in a pack.

Nice job getting out in the elements.

Mark said...

My commutes not really lone enough to get to heated up and it's downhill most of the way to work. Plus I ride pretty chill, not working hard at all.

Something refreshing though watching all the eyes turn towards you in disbelief.

Biker Bob said...

Good job riding in Mod. I just posted about commute yesterday. I was a tad over dressed and my goggles were useless.

I'm looking forward to the ride home tonight. My wife was in town yesterday so I hitched a ride home so that I didn't spend another 2 hours away from my family on the same day.