Monday, November 23, 2009

Lincoln CX Weekend

After two years of missing out on the Lincoln CX weekend it was time to but things back in their right place. Pioneers park is easily my favorite venue of the season. Some races are bigger but the courses just never stack up. After some shinanigans on Saturday it was back to business on Sunday as it was the Nebraska State Championship.

It was awesome having CVO back as the mayor of holligan hill. It's just not the same without him around. Everything finally came together this year as just before the Elite race DK showed up with a drum kit, yes, a drum kit on the hill. Bad Ass! Nearly laughed myself off the bike on the first lap.

For me it was a down and up race. After a decent start I quickly went backward as JP, Mr. T and 'lil Farnham rode away from me. This dumped me back in 10th or something, barely hanging on to the last pay spot. Up front, Brian Jensen was putting the hurt on Shad Shriener as Nate was coming back to us after a rocket start. Matt, Nate and I were together for a lap or two, both of which put Nate on the ground with miss timed barrier hopping. After a bike change though Nate but on the afterburners once again and left me behind to pick up the pieces. Nate would eventually get up to Matt and Carp. The two blew Carp to pieces allowing me to start reeling him in and then the same happened to Matt. With two to go I had fought really hard to bring Carp and Matt back when I found Studnicki off to the side with a rolled tire. Somehow with one to go I had managed to move up to 7th, well in the money and 5th Nebraskan across the line.

It was awesome racing with Brian and Shad, two class acts. Big props to Jesse for being the fastest NE boy both days. It took us the better part of 90 miles to convince him that drop bars are faster. I doubt he'd had been able to out sprint 'lil Farnham on day one with his hybird. Regardless of category, JP is THE Nebraska State Cyclocross champ.

Carp, still rockin' the green walls

Team WAR AXE in effect


The Douglas said...

Well done MOD. Well done.
Too bad I couldn't stick around for Sunday's races. Work obligations. Sounds like I missed an epic battle. You guys are fast as f___! Watching your hippy, beer and jack-swigging twin race on Saturday was a hoot.

Cornbread said...

Great job this weekend, Mark. That sure was a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to more of the same at Jingle Cross.

mathguy said...

Great result Mark! Imagine what it would be if you had time to actually train..

MOD said...

It's comin' around. More next year...

for now, jingle cross here we come!!

JP said...

Great post Mark! Good racing and hanging out with you and Anne.

More photos here