Monday, November 30, 2009

Jingle Cross Rock

It was a super fun weekend regardless. Regardless of the fact that my racing endeavors lasted all of about 5 minutes. I'm still trying to put the pieces together. I had moved through the field when I heard that one of kind sound of twisting and snapping metal. My derailuer had managed to wrap itself throughout my rear wheel. I'm putting it down to muddy tires flicking up pea gravel into the cogset as there was no grass or mud clogged in either my cassette or derailuer. Just bad luck.

All this meant that I got to play pit crew for the remainder of the weekend. On Friday night Matt would finish 11th and JP 14th. JP managed to tear his derailuer off too but had Cornbreads Bianchi as a spare in the pits.

Saturday it was straight to the pits after playing super fan for Schmitty, Cornbread and TP. Cornbread had a smoking ride picking off two or three guys on his last lap. The teamwork flow in the pits was sweet. TK fell victim to a lap one clog and der snap, but Matt and Nate were in good shape, both charging just inside the top ten. Matt was taking a clean bike each lap as JP rain to the wash station. Nate was doing the same but made the decision to skip the pits one lap and that was all it took, snapped mech. race over. MT would battle on for his first top ten.

Sunday was the best conditions of the weekend. Cornbread and TP again had awesome rides. The masters riders should be scared of Tom next week in Bend. He's flying. In the 2/3's race it was again JP, Schmitty, Cornbread and myself in the pits with TP and Bill from KCCX. TK got a ripping start and settled in with Alex Edwards in what would turn into an epic battle for the top places. Andrew Coe jumped away and had a good gap until he was pulled back with one to go. Behind TK and Alex were locked together with MT in a four way battle for 6-9. In the meantime, Nate was battling back after a early bike swap that put him back in the teens. Coe managed to pull out the win with Alex in 3rd, TK in 4th, 'lil Farnham in 6th, MT in 8th and Nate in 13th. Awesome race to watch, wish my words could do justice to the all the action that took place.

Super fun traveling with the whole crew in the short bus. The broken bike will put an end to my 2009 cross campaign. Gotta do some digging for frame options. For know the debate is between a Guerciotti or an Ibis from buddy Tom. Until then it's back to a little off-road with a heavy mix of road and gravel.


The Douglas said...

Nice blow-by-blow Mod. Sorry to hear about the mechanicals. Makes me glad I opted for SS.

Cornbread said...

That sure was a great weekend. Always fun hangin' with ya. Thanks for cheering me on Saturday and Sunday. Super thanks for getting the bikini babes to cheer for me too. That was rad. I'm already lookin' forward to next year.