Monday, November 16, 2009

Back on

After a week of nursing a sore throat followed by another week of hacking up a lung and sitting in meetings, I finally got back on the bike with hopes of salvaging the last few CX weekends.

The new Fisher Cronus hit the doorstep last Tuesday. After pounding out a 2 hour blitz on Friday morning with Bryan and Lucas and then an additional 3 hours on Sunday with the two Mike's, Brady, Bryan and Flanders, I can say the bike is a ripper. Noticeably stiffer than the Madone, maybe too stiff in some spots but more to come on that with pics.

Thursday, double D played another great show at the Slowdown. Easily my favorite singer/songwriter who's lyrical and guitar skills amaze me every time I see him. The Old Canes opened with a slew of musical hardware that made for a great opener. DD just finished up a new record with AJ Mogis behind the boards, I assume it will be released on Team Love, the new songs were great. Dondero was backed up by local percusionist Craig D. Dondero doesn't need much support on stage but the addition of Craig D always makes it better. Anyways, it was fun hanging out with Megan, Rafal and Murphy girl.

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