Thursday, October 1, 2009


With only a 36 hour break after returning home from Durango, it was off to Vegas for Interbike. Sorry folks, didn't even get the camera out of the bag. Let's just say there was a ton of carbon, carbon, carbon and about as much compression.

Chrome had some sweet new shoes for the urban rider that include a 3/4 fiberglass shank (my personal favorite).

In addition, some lads have broken away from Chrome and launched Mission Workshop, they've got an interesting spin on an old product.

Probably the biggest surprise was the lack of vendors, especially some of the big names. Giant and Cervelo were noticeably absent, although both did have their own off-site functions. It looks like most small/custom manufacturers are doing the NHMBS show.

We managed to catch Cross Vegas and the USA Crits finals but that was about it. After driving 32 hours to Durango and back I was pretty spent and hit the pillow early each night, that is if midnight is early.

12 hours after touching down at Eppley I was on the startline at Manawa. In seven days time I went from riding the smallest gear I own, 34x22, to the biggest, 34x15, and...after not riding for a week I proceeded to douchebag myself by hitting the deck 3 times, the first on gravel, and limped into the finish. I usually do a pretty good job of keeping things upright, but somehow I managed to crash more in one day than I have in the previous 3 years. So with that, the mountain bike season is over. No Sugarbottom for me this year. Bummer.

Cross is coming, or, I guess it's here, I'll just be showing up fashionably late. I'll miss Swanson for R&R's wedding festivities, might make it back for Sunday we'll see. The following weekend is locked out for me too, which is probably alright seeing how there is still a ton of racing in November and December and even a little bit in January.

Started running Monday, I'm sore...

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