Monday, October 26, 2009

Norfolk CX

Made the 2 hour pre-pub crawl trip up to Norfolk for Elkhorn valleys first shot at a cross race. Jon and crew did a solid job creating a brutal course. Off the line Nate took the holeshot with Troy and Matt in tow. Randy and I settled in but before half lap the lead three were pulling away. As we reached the more technical last half on lap two I passed Randy back and managed to keep him at about 5-10 seconds for a few laps. After that, we flip flopped and it was my turn to trail him by the same amount. This went on until the final two laps when my legs finally let go. Up front, Matt Farnham powered away around lap 2 or 3 never looking back.

It was good to actually race someone and after 4 races under the belt it feels like the 'cross legs are slowly coming back. The bad news is that daylight savings time hits next weekend which will pretty much kill the Tuesday CX practice. Need to find a park with lights.

Photos by The D, thanks.


Jon Downey said...

Thanks for coming up!

Single_Speeder said...

And here comes Mark Savery wearing a Trek Store jersey and riding a Marin.

mathguy said...

It was great trading off and having someone to suffer with for those laps and really hard to get motivated over those last couple without you around to embarrass me through the slightly technical stuff. That and watching the other guys just ride away was a nice reminder that it's a lot harder in the open than in the 3s.

The D said...

Spectating the Cat 1-3's is almost as much fun as racing. You had an epic battle going on throughout the race. I'd run from side to side of the park to catch the race leaders only to find you and the 'mathguy' trading positions. Darn good race to watch. Racing Cat 4 was fun as well and I enjoyed the course layout. Riding single speed made it even more challenging (as a newbie cx'er).
Good stuff.
Keep us posted if you organize another Tuesday night CX ride.