Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Photo: Davey Boy

After two weeks on the road and a couple days off I'm finally piecing together the whirlwind that was/is September. With the Dakota 5-O weekend behind, I had to hit it pretty hard at work as SSWC and Innertbike were back to back.

Most of the Durango trip was a blur. The G6 loaded up the MC short bus and headed west. After a quick pit stop at Ole's we rolled into Mitch's around 10 to find a twelver of Dale's and a cushy dinning room floor. The morning came early, hitting the road playing caboose for the newly christened team Soulcraft '71 Suburban. Mitch powered it over the passes as the 350 V8 put the hurt down on the Sprinter. We arrived in d-town narrowly avoiding disaster as MW showed off lightening quick reaction.

A considerable amount of the trip would be spent surrounding our accompanying keg provided by the kids at Modern Monks. After a few cups we mounted up and rolled into town for some grub at Carvers and a METAL party at host Sean's house.

S-house threw out the first ride callout and we all agreed, Hermosa Creek would be the route of the day. A late start left us hypothermic as the last four miles were ridden in thrity something degree rain. Post ride talk centered around Endura gear, the Scots have it together. After a good night of more consumption, NW, MW, 34x20, JB and myself headed out Friday to hook up with the Soulcraft and Retrotec lads. Sean and Jeff led us to some of the best ST I've ridden in many moons. With Nate doing his obligatory flat thing we had the opportunity to chat with Curt Inglis, owner and everything man for Inglis and Retrotec cycles. After having spent a bit of time with Curt I'm seriously thinking about having him build me a frame, so much so that I'm dreaming about it.

Friday night was the kick-off party with tons of New Belgium brew, live music, dirt jumping and the pre-lims for the hosting competition done up American Idol style. To quote the I-talians, "Canada Sucks!" as Hungary must have too as Italy and New Zealand moved on to the finals.

The blur that was "race" day was crazy. The SSWCNE crew were the standouts as only Daverill was in full costume and Davey Boy sporting a nice cape. The rage out of town was nuts as all of Durango came out to send us off. As the track narrowed and tilted towards the sky we were on foot and hiking. By the top I grabbed a cup of O'dells and launched myself down Raider Ridge and into trials heaven. I was having the time of my life as I hopped from rock to rock. Around the one hour mark my legs started cramping, no doubt due to the massive hike a bike. No better cure for cramps than a cold PBR, I downed half and left instructions to make sure a Monkey Wrench rider got the other half, Showen would be the lucky recipient.

Halfway up the next hike a bike and it was time to get the rest of my drink on. Stop one, bacon, twinkies, and tequilla. Stop two, whiskey. Stop three, Tecate chaser and all downhill from here. Halfway through the descent and I could feel the tequilla catching up to me. The trail was a ripper and I as I cleaned the last technical climb to huge cheers I rolled across the line where they had Old Chub waiting. The scene at the finish was crazy. Live music and all the Oskar Blues you could hope for.

Saturday night party was a good one. The basketball game to find next years host was the highlight along with Ross Schnell and Heather Irmiger getting the victors tats. New Zealand won the game so maybe we'll be heading to the way south next year?

Made the trip home through Salida and Absolute Bikes. Owner Shawn clued us in on the Vapor Trail 125, one for the calendar. We crashed in Frisco and awoke to snow and 28 degree temps through the tunnel. Winter is upon us.

Nebraska natives in standout lycra

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