Thursday, September 3, 2009


Within twelve hours we'll be on the road to Spearfish. For two years now this race has been a main fixture on my calendar and for two years I've come away empty handed. I am going into this years race lighter and more fit than I've been in the past two editions. So with increased pressure comes the wonderful ability to over think the simple. Following in Skip's footsteps I suppose. So with preparation in mind I'm making some changes. I've ridden a 36x21 in years past but I'm going to ease up a bit in hopes of being able to pin it for the whole day, instead of overcooking it in the first half. So, 34x21 it is. That's all I'm going to change. I don't want to over think it that much.
Photo: Broch Muhs


scott showen said...

thats what i am doin, 34:21=fun

MOD said...

34:21=fast all day

I heard you and I have a steak dinner riding on this thing. So what's the bet? You have to stay within an hour of me?

RD said...

Single malt single malt

MOD said...

Oh yeah, I should bring mine too