Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Maskenthine Madness

You've got to have a bad day every now and again. Mine was Saturday. I knew it at the first turn of pedal. It was one of those days where you hope you can ride through it and maybe you'll come around but all that really happens is you dig yourself a deeper hole. Flanders said it best, better know than at the 5-O. In short, 10 place, 18 minutes back, a far cry from Tranquility where I squeezed on the podium 9 minutes down.

Let's talk about the good stuff. Like the Wolf's Den in Stanton. Best small town fare, or big town fare for that matter, I've had in a long time. Food was so good and so under priced we all left massive tips. Wish I'd had my camera because the place was sweet. The Drive up was even easier and more pleasant than expected. Don't think I've ever driven up the Elkhorn Valley, pretty scenic.

Anyways, got in a well needed ride with Samsam and Brandon at Jewell on Sunday. Felt better there than I did racing, hmm? Easy spin on Monday. Looking forward to the 5-O this weekend. It'll be good hanging out with the MN mafia. Don't think I've used the tent since this race last year. Full moon on Friday, looking like a damn fine weekend.


sda said...

where are you camping up there?

KEV said...

The Wolf Den is great, we went there for Breakfast with the kids when we were camping and they had the best chicken fried steak and eggs for like 6 bucks.

Good luck at the 5-0.

waraxesam said...

Everybody camps at Spearfish Campground, Dave. We'll save you a spot!

waraxesam said...

Oops, got so excited hyper-linking I forgot to mention the campground is next door to the start of the race.

See you there,