Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Review time

So, about a year ago I got set-up with a pair of Shimano 29er wheels from my buddy Dustin at Shimano. I think at one point I may have mentioned how these wheels were noticeably stiffer than my previous wheelset, a DT 240/Bontrager Duster 32 hole set-up. This is due to Shimano construction that uses brazed reinforcements at the nipple while the inside wall of the rim remains free of spoke holes. A stout design.

Well one year on and the wheels have been pretty care free. I've been running them tubeless since day one, first with Bontrager XDX, then with Jones XR, and with a couple ounces of Stan's in each tire I have yet to flat with these wheels. The rear has come slightly out of true a couple times. They're a bit of chore to true since you're required to use two Shimano made spoke wrenches. One to hold the spoke from twisting, and one to turn the hex head aluminum nipple. After a bit of work, they've been solid for the last couple of months. I also had the rear hub loosen up on me once, quick adjustment, made quicker by the center lock rotors and problem solved.

All in all these wheels have been spot on. Not the lightest, but not the most expensive. The stiffness Shimano gets out of these wheels is amazing considering they're only 24 spokers. I'm thinking about swapping out the standard steel bearings for some loose ball ceramics. Little lighter, little less rolling resistence, we'll see.

Came across this quote while flipping the pages of Rouleur magazine. "Shimano makes bike equipment that works beautifully. Campagnolo makes beautiful bike equipment that works. I'm not looking for equipment that strives to be beautiful-I want equipment that works." These wheels work beautifully, you'd enjoy a set too.


sda said...

i cannot believe your audacity, reviewing product on a blog. its like your trying to sell them or something ;).

are you coming out to cb or what?

MOD said...

I thought I'd whore it up a little bit more! You know Dave, I've been meaning to talk to about those little kidding wheels you've been riding around on attached to that hack of bike of yours they call Specialized;)

CB isn't looking good for 2oo9. Throwing all the eggs in the Durango basket. Which is going to amazing by the way. I'm planning on bringing out a bunch of Trek Store propaganda, you know, stickers, tatoos, water bottles, and litter the streets up with it. I'm also getting custom shirts made for all of us, I hope you guys don't mind if I whore you out too.

RD said...

so where can one get pair of such wheels?? it there was only a store that can get them for me ... hmmm..
I actually have question about the wheel-set do they come with the valves and rim strips to make them tubeless. I know bontranger wheels do when you buy a wheel set. It also seems to to me if you get any xc wheels they are almost always centerlock

MOD said...

They come with valves and no rim strips are required because the inside of the rim is solid.

You'd dig'em Rafal. Plus they're black! My next most favorite color.

sda said...

yes sswc! durango!! i'm gonna be there cheer leading, or something.