Sunday, February 3, 2008

Under two flags

It's been in the works for a couple of weeks. Paper's have been filed, e-mails sent. The new colors have been confirmed. For two thousand eight I'll be racing with the 29er crew as well as the MWCC. The 2nd year program is spreading out across the country and I'm super stoked to be joining Jesse & Marko, as well as KC's Cam Chambers.

My main focus will be a win at the 5-O, something I blew last year with a general lack of motivation through July and August. You can bet that the Evil Unicorns will make another appearance at a 24 hour near you. Flipping through the calendar I'm thinking Sugarbottom, perhaps a HMBCS race or two and of course my fair share of Psycowpath events. Then it's all CX for October/November. All SS of course.

I'll be kicking the year off proper with my 29er Trifecta. Hope you can make it.

I haven't been this pumped to race my bike for a while. I like it.


Cornbread said...

Congrats! That's a good lookin' kit.

Endurosnob said...

Soooo stoked for you. YES!!

scott showen said...

nice, want to join my training program of oso burritos, la mexicana tacos and margaritas?

munsoned said...

That's gonna be one epicly awesome team, now that you're on it. Congrats. Looking forward to seeing big results.

Also, I'm in for the Trifecta. Sounds like a blast.

T-bone said...

Sweet dude! That's awesome.

KEV said...

congrats, and glad to see your renewed motivation.

for extra motivation for both of us lets say whoever finishes second between you and me buys dinner and beers at he local steak house the night after the 5-0.


MOD said...

game on