Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Fat Tuesday

My ride home last night was better than Cornbread's in the morning and T-bone's the next day.
One less two-six. Annie's Santa Cruz is gone. 14 hours on Ebay was all it took. Time to order a Paragon.
FFL just ain't the same without this guy at the helm.
Looks like I'll be on my Ferrous for year two. Green is good.


Cornbread said...

I don't see any ice in that "beard". :)

Mad props for commuting. Keep it up. Commuters are gonna take over the world.

MOD said...

Naw, by the time I left yesterday the ice had thawed. Bike path was slushy. By the time I got off for the ride home it was still 34 degrees and the trail was almost dry. Lucky

T-bone said...

Lucky, I felt like I was riding in a blizzard on my ride home. Keep up the commuting, it will make spring riding so much better.

I hope Anne likes her Paragon as much as I like mine. Fisher is going to sell a butt load of them suckers.