Sunday, February 10, 2008

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It doesn't seem like a day goes by without some amount of politicking. Most folks in my circle are on the Hillary/Obama wagon. I don't see myself aligned with any party particularly but in this day and age of our beautiful two party BS system we always seem to be voting for the best of the worst. I feel sorry for whoever inherits GW's mess, but that's another conversation.

A few weeks ago I went on the search for an online candidate picker, one that actually really told you where the candidates stand on the issues. Oddly enough, one of the best ones I found was actually . Not only does it give you five stances on each issue but it will educate you on what the issues really pertain to.

At the time I was torn between the Hillary/Obama decsion. After sifting through the online questions I was surprised to see my number one candidate was Kucinich. But even though he was the candidate that I saw most eye to eye with it was less than 60%. Next I think it was Gravel, then Mckinney (green party) with Hillary, Edwards and Obama. Obama's policy agreed with me less than 50% of the time. Hillary, a little better. I here people say they don't trust Hillary, but do you really know enough about any of them to really trust one over the other. Throw out the personality conflict and think about where these folks stand on policy and make a decsion. What's important to you? Take the quiz, you might be surprised by the result. I was.


Cornbread said...

Good find.

Shim said...

People usually only vote on one or two issues that are most important to them, While I appreciate the concept of democracy, I am concerned with the reasons people vote for who they vote for and even more so the fact that the majority of our population is far from insightfull. I can't tell you how many people have made me shake my head in disbelief after I asked them why they voted for the person they voted for. These were not jokes either (haircuts, smiles,my union leader told me to, etc).
I heard some commentary on the news last night comparing Obama with David Dinkins, I can tell you this, I lived in NYC under the Dinkin's reign and it was the worst nightmare of my life. Crime was at an all time high, there were so many homeless people you could hardly walk down the sidewalk and drug dealers sold their crack on every street corner. Do I think we can expect this with Obama? I don't know, but I am concerned that his own campaign made the comparison.

sda said...

I found that link awhile back. Came out for Kucinich as well. On the dem-side Colorado went with Obama, on the repub's side they went with Romney. Things are going to get hectic around here this election cycle. Oh what a joy it is to be an unaffiliated voter in a swing state.