Sunday, January 13, 2008

Parts is parts

Out with the old, in with new. The thought was to go back to a circa '91 Salsa Cro-moto stem to match the Ferrous. With 25.4 bar clamp the only option, I regressed one more step and fell back from oversized 31.8 technology. A quick dig through the war chest and I unearthed my old Hyperlite XL. The cro-moto is a dead flat 0 degree stem, something I've always been a fan of but have found difficult in the current age of 7 and 10 degree rise. I've been pretty into the Salsa stuff lately, they've really turned it up over the past year or so. Andy got a El Mariachi a few weeks ago. Nice welds, paint and graphics and the paint to match stem pulls it all together. It's cool to see a bike maker go back to that kind of detail after the industry walked away from it with the arrival of aluminum stems. My old Ibis had a beauty.

The new geary is on order. HiFi Deluxe 29 should be arriving in a month. I like going full spectrum.


Chris G. said...

I bought a 2007 HiFi Deluxe a couple weeks ago from the Trek Store. I dig it the most. Good choice!

sda said...

I love old those old neon green suntour components you ran on that bird-machine. Nice.

MG said...

ride and smile buddy! i can't wait to build up my new la cruz complete -- it should be here thursday! woohoo!!


ps - the cro-moto 0-degree stem is by far the coolest product in their line. beautiful, simple, moto. mmmm... yeah. perfect.