Tuesday, January 1, 2008

long time no post...

and with the holiday season finally at end we can get on with l-i-v-i-n...livin'. i'm finally getting jazzed about riding the bike again. and not just as a means of transportation. plans for next year have been klunking around in my rusty head. intial thought had the ouachita and dakota events headlining. that was shot down this morning when i learned that the registration for the ouachita has already opened, and subsequently closed. the quest for akransas singletrack will remain for another year.

2007 was a good year, nate and i found ourselves amoungest the pages of mountain bike action. i love our scenes appreciation for the history of the sport. if you haven't seen the film Klunkerz yet we've got copies at the shop. anyway, the year played out well, 2nd in ss at tranq, 3rd (?) in ss at platte, 1st in ss at swanson, 5th in expert at manawa, 2nd in ss at state champs, 6th in ss at dakota, 1st in open team at landahl, 8th in a's at swanson, and that's all she wrote. goodbye 007, hello 008.

the eu has yet to name it's next venture. will a repeat occur, or will there be a new battlefield? only time will tell. half are commited to racing e-open for the upcoming year. and with a trip already in the works to crested butte the year is shaping up nicely.


Cornbread said...

I'm looking forward to hangin' and racin' with ya again in 08.

Bummer about Arkansas. Several of the CycleWorks crew and I are in the 80 miler. Should be a fun challenge that early in the year.

I'm down for Dakota again. That place is sweet.

katatonic said...

Mod, what's the word on Crested Butte? I know that BK is aching to see a reunion trip and was just talkin' to the big Kelley bro (John) this weekend about meeting up there in 2008.

MOD said...

nate and ep went last year and are planning on going back (at least nate is) the first week of august. i'm pretty sure anne and i are in. no definite plans yet. i'll keep you posted.

Neve_r_est said...

But wait there may be another chance: www.syllamosrevenge.com
50miles of singletrack.

We're trying to get a group together for the CB fat tire festival in June as well.

Road trip!

sda said...

You's all gotta keep me posted on a CB trip. I'll buzz down there and spend a few days with you.