Wednesday, January 30, 2008

After a 40 degree temperature swing and a negative 15 degree commute yesterday, it's always nice to come home and smell a pot of chili that's been cooking all day.

Yesterday was a bust other than the ride to the shop. Today I tossed on the runners and got down to it. 2 miles with some post yoga stretch. Cabin fever is set in, I won't wait for mother nature any longer. It hit me the other day that 3 of the fastest guys I know, Jesse, Marko and Cam were all high school or college cross country runners. When I think back to when I was my fastest I was running regularly as well. Time for some cross training.

I've got new motivation, plans are coming together.


Jim said...

You better not like that running too much......It might make you want to do a, oh I almost can't say the word.....TRIATHLON !! UGH!

Stick to the trails it's much more fun.

MOD said...

Sticking to trails would be more fun if I weighed 175 too.

Mark Studnicki said...

I'm 180 (and thats not just my off-season weight either) and i'm running 1 day week. It's 1 day a week now because it takes about 6 days for the legs to recover before I can do it again. I should be up to 3 days a week soon.

thirtyfourtwenty said...

hey mod - running ain't nearly as fun as riding, but you can rest assured you'll be stronger and faster come race season if you start running consistently! i've been doing lunch runs 3-4 days/week since last summer and riding very little (twice since mid-november!) and i feel like i'll come out of winter in better shape than i have in a long time. before, i couldn't stand running, now i'm actually bummed if i don't get to run during the week. good bang for the buck when you're limited on time! hopefully a little motivation for you. run, (through the pain) forest, run! -mk-