Monday, October 22, 2007

true cost?

went to the grocery store tonight. all they had were oranges from australia. australia??? what's wrong with the valencia oranges that were grown just down the street from my old house in socal? or maybe a nice navel grown in florida? does it really only cost $1.68 a pound to fly an orange 19 hours from australia. does that mean I can fly to australia for $320 (190 lbs. @ $1.68)? i'm probably more dense than an orange so I wouldn't even take up as much space. okay, i'll give'em $400 for my flight to cover the cost of the flight attendant, pilot and some sweet airline food.

all this made me think of this. take some time for a read. you'll think twice when standing in the produce aisle. or try this one if want something closer to home.

what's my point, buy local. if you can't buy local, buy regional. if you can't buy regional, buy national. when you can't buy national, buy international. make change.


Neve_r_est said...

sounds similar to the custom framebuilder plea. A growing trend?

Oranges are seasonal, and this years growing season has seen pretty crappy weather. When I was in Florida last February there was ice on the trees. California has been dealing with diseased fruit and insect infestations. More fun with global warming, all the more reason to buy local. Right on.


Shim said...

You moron, they don't fly oranges, they spray them with chemicals to keepem good and green and load them into ocean containers, ship them on the water at about 40,000 lbs for a 40' container with a price in the area of $3,000. You can do the math. California had a late freeze this year and Sunkist lost close to 80% of their crop, so if you want oranges you gotta shop the global market. Incidentally thats how 95% of all bicycles sold in the US are brought into this country, but due to the cube factor they are only loading a 40' box to about 20,000 lbs. of course they are all coming from China. Oh yeah, if your buying a burger from BK, Wendy's etc....They are bringing big blocks of frozen meat like products in those same containers into Chicago where they are trucked to a "grinder" who mixes that aussie beef with some low grade domestic beef and like magic you got a whopper!

Shim said...

Incidentally, how does global warming cause late freezes in So Cal and Florida? Maybe a time for a rest. As for a growing trend if you consider the past 50+ years a trend you may be on to something. Something tells me you just don't know wtf your talking about.